Internet Cafe Software 

To start a casino business, you need the top internet cafe software. With Fire Kirin Casino, you can easily monitor, protect, and expand your internet cafe's business. It makes no difference if you have a cyber cafe or a gaming lounge.

When you use our internet cafe software, you’ll find that running your business is much simpler and more profitable.

Our software offers a wide variety of configuration settings for a tailored experience. For example, using your technology, you may quickly and easily restrict access to any folder or the entire desktop with the tap of a finger.

Faster consumer tracking and billing for using the cafe's WIFI, office software, slot machines, and other services.


Easy to Manage Staff 

You can't run a successful casino without reliable customer and employee management software like Fire Kirin Casino. To safeguard private information, we set up many levels of authentication for authorized users only. 

Users' access to accounts, sensitive data collection and use, and fraudulent activity can all the limited. Therefore, our internet cafe software is built with multiple user roles in mind, from admin to managers to cashiers. 

In this approach, we can ensure that employees have the resources to accomplish their tasks effectively without giving them access to confidential data. 

In addition to seeing when employees logged in and out, you can also see what they did while logged in. This feature allows you to monitor staff activity in real time. 


Limitations and Restrictions on Use 

You can do so if you feel the need to restrict computer time. For example, if a customer's deposit hasn't been used up, you can immediately prevent them from using any computer in your cafe. 

Once the issue has been resolved, the computer can return to its usual, unrestricted state. Our software model incorporates several real-world safeguards. The client's requests to read or write to a USB device are included.  

You can be sure that nobody else will be able to gain access to any of your computers through a flash drive, either by running software from the disk or by copying data from the hard drive. 

When a flash drive is inserted and opened without your knowledge, it can undermine your computer's security. Software that costs nothing or very little to use is safer than illegally copied software. As a result, cutting-edge, hacker-resistant software is necessary for public WIFI hotspots.