Sweepstakes Software 

Fire Kirin Casino provides numerous sweepstakes software, such as appealing visuals and animations, featuring a unique kiosk system, eye-catching designs, and adaptable software. 

Thanks to in-depth reporting and analytics tools, you'll have total command when you work with the Fire Kirin casino engineering team. 

With just a few taps, you might have access to a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard from which you can review your recent purchases and make more informed choices.

Our services provide just what your company needs in terms of customer satisfaction. In addition, we streamline the payment process to make it easier for your customers. 

Our cutting-edge gift card integration, bill validation, and customer relations platform may help your business attract and retain a large consumer base. 

We test our service on various mobile devices to ensure it works flawlessly for you. So our team can create something unique for you whether you're looking for a mobile, desktop, or cyber cafe solution. 


Excellent Customer Support 

Setting up and administering sweepstakes software can be difficult. Nonetheless, you can count on our support staff to assist you in resolving any problems that may arise while operating your casino. In addition, our highly trained staff guarantees your satisfaction. 


Prompt, Accurate Reporting, and Data Analysis. 

Statistics are updated in real-time on the sweepstakes software used by Fire Kirin Casino. In addition, there has been improvement in the ease with which financial accounts are tracked. This allows you to see the big picture of all your financial dealings. 

The statistical reports generated by our software are helpful for executive decision-making. Promoting a limited-time offer or discount, for instance, might get you ready for peak business hours. 


Fire Kirin Complies With the Law 

Fire Kirin partners with a business that is familiar with and can fulfill the regulatory requirements of each state in which it operates. Therefore, you can rest assured that everything offered for sale by Fire Kirin has been properly licensed and regulated by the appropriate authorities.